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Sheringham Salt and Cliff Cottage, Sheringham, are run by Hannah Wessely. My home is Beeston Hills Lodge, where I live with my daughter, Florence, and a few four-legged furry friends. In fact, we live just next door to Cliff Cottage, since this property adjoins our home, and this means that, by day and night, we are on hand to help.


We love where we live here in the seaside town of Sheringham, with sandy beaches, big skies and breath-taking views over the North Sea. Wind turbines twinkle by night and ships sail by day. North Norfolk has so much to offer as a home, and as a place to work and play.


We look forward to welcoming you for your stay.



Contact Hannah

Beeston Hills Lodge, 64 Cliff Road, Sheringham NR26 8BJ, UK

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Sheringham Salt


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Sheringham Salt
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Sheringham Salt: Seaside Holiday Cottages
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